The Never-Ending Need For NHS

Kursty Horton

Kursty Horton, Reporter

The National Honor Society is an organization of Howe High school’s top students to help them grow their leadership and personal growth. NHS is more than just hard working students, it is an organization willing to help students strive and grow toward success beyond the high school level. The students in the National Honor Society guides students to leadership training and community service.

“When I started working here in 2006, I noticed that our chapter had gone inactive. The National Honor Society was really important to me in my high school career, and it helped me through college, and I thought that we needed to have that so we reactivated it,” stated the NHS advisor, Carol Ann Ford, when she was explaining the importance of NHS to high school students.

NHS affects its members in a positive way that helps them succeed. NHS doesn’t only affect a highschool career, but also leads toward our general college life.

“We have had a lot of students go through this program and almost ninety-percent have graduated with scholarships to other schools to go onto college. I have kept up with a lot of them that have graduated, and they have said, having this helped them get a head start on the college scholarship process, and just being aware of service needs in their community,” said Ford. “They felt like it [NHS] gave them confidence to be involved at a college level.”

“I joined NHS because it is a great way to give back to the community, and start our own community projects because it is not really just about your grades and how smart you are. It’s about giving back to others,” said Abigail Davidson, an NHS member and Howe High School Senior. “I think NHS affect the student body because it helps to teach us not to be leaders, not followers.” 

National Honor Society is something Howe High School Students are proud to be apart of, and it isn’t hard to see why.

“And so I think it’s just a really great shout-out to students who have worked hard in the classroom, but it is also preparing them for the future,” said Ford.