Howe FFA Selection Criteria

Brittany Earls, FFA Reporter, CLE Live! Reporter

The Howe FFA officer team comprises of 7 members a President, a Vice President, a Reporter, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Sentinel and a Jr. Advisor.

“The officer selection process starts out with an application. Each officer has to fill out the application and be timely about it. They’re fairly simple questions but requires [the students] to put a lot of thought into it,” FFA Advisor James Marshall said, “As each officer fills out that application they move on and they have a resume that they have to prepare and then once both of those are complete they are put through an interview process and the interview is the main staple of the selection process because as an officer each of those students need to be able to speak in front of a crowd and be able to think on their feet. They need to be self driven self motivated to an extent so through that selection process through that interview process the cream truely does rise to the top.”  

While searching for officers Mr. Marshall looks for certain qualities that would add to the officer team.

“Having someone on the officer team that has a bright, bubbly personality. That has that ability to keep everyone in a good mood to encourage others that always always helps.  They’re still there for any student any FFA member to go visit with to go and see how their experience has been throughout the time in FFA. So those younger students that are on the fence not really sure if they want to be a part of FFA. They need to just visit with those students.”

The Howe FFA officers are always there to help out when needed.