Fishing For Scholarships

Chay LaRosa

Chay LaRosa , Reporter

For the first time in Howe High School history, Howe has a fishing team.  The team was established in October 2017.  This new team will provide many opportunities for kids.

“There’s a lot of opportunities it’s probably one of the fastest growing sports right now in high school and in college. So many collegiate sports out there but fishing is coming on probably faster than any of them kids now days can actually get a full scholarship to go fish in college. I know I would have liked to have that opportunity when I was growing up to do what I enjoy and love to do and get my school and education paid for. There’s so many sponsors they pay for all your boats, clothing, fishing rods, tackle, everything. So really the opportunities are endless depending on how much hard work and dedication you put into it,” Howe Fishing Team Coordinator Paul LaRosa said.

“Well there’s a bunch of opportunities to it. I heard you can get scholarships from it like full ride scholarships to college and you can have fun while doing it because you get to ride in a boat at the the tournaments and catch fish that’s my favorite part,” Howe Freshman Chay LaRosa said.

The Howe fishing team was started for kids who want to get involved in fishing.

“Some kids enjoy different things and some kids don’t enjoy those other sports so this gives them a different opportunity to excel in something. Ultimately I would love to see it succeed and get several more teams involved and maybe someday a kid might be able to get a scholarship from Howe doing it and see them on tv fishing one day and realize all it took was a little initiative to get something started and see it take off. So ultimately I would love to see a kid succeed and get a scholarship to go fish,” said Paul Larosa.  

We want to see kids succeed so we hope the fishing team will help them find opportunities.

“Just get more people involved in fishing and to make a name for ourselves because no one really knows Howe for fishing but after we’re done they will,” Howe Freshman Rhett Frasher said.  

“Well I guess it can vary from kid to kid but most importantly kids learn patience,” Paul LaRosa said.

“They learn self confidence and no matter how bad the day’s going to keep going and keep grinding,” Frasher said.

“Whenever I go fishing I learn a lot  just from like overcoming stuff from learning what lures to use and learning how to use them and sometimes it can be really cold or really hot and you just have to be tough about it and overcome,” Chay LaRosa said.

“I just enjoy because it gives me something to do and it’s fun I enjoy it and you just get to be out on the water and see the beautiful sunrises and sunsets and every once and a while you just catch that big fish and it makes it all worth it,” Rhett Frasher said.

“What I enjoy about fishing is getting to see everything and catching a fish if the best feeling in the world and that’s what I really enjoy about it and like I said getting to see everything and the beauty God created it’s just amazing,” Chay LaRosa said.