Howe BPA: Future Leaders of America

Nicole Oliver

Nicole Oliver, Producer

BPA helps develop leaders in our school and community.

“Some of the things we do in BPA are Service learning projects, we do community projects as far as going to the nursing home this year, we took christmas cards over the break, we help with one day of street clean-up in the downtown Poteau area, we have competitions in areas like accounting, Microsoft word, and Powerpoint, we do public speaking as a competition, we go to compete locally and state and if your top three in the state then you get to go to nationals,” said BPA Advisor Cindy Mitchell.

BPA teaches business skills you can use during and after you leave high school.

“I enjoy being able to go to place and do community service like we went to the nursing home and handed out christmas cards so that really warmed my heart and it’s just really great to be a leader in that group,” First time member Abigail Davidson said.

“Well, one of the main reasons of joining BPA was really, my friends. They were like you should come join it will be fun. We do a lot of activities inside of school hours and another one is I like to compete,” Vice President Diego Sanchez said.

“The purpose of BPA is to develop leaders. We have a group of 25 students here at Howe that are a part of this student organization and we do different things throughout the year to promote them as being a leader within their community and school, develop skills as far as how to interview for a job and how to develop those business skills to promote themselves once they leave high school and have those business skills available,” Mitchell said.

“I joined BPA because it helps teach leadership skills and you do a lot of community service projects, and you’ll compete in business divisions and it looks really good on your college scholarships,” said Davidson.

“We go to a bunch of competitions and also we have an incentive at the end which includes a pro basketball game and it also teaches leadership,”  said  Sanchez.

“What I like for each student to know about BPA it is an organization that you can join and then to be a part and to desire to help others, help others within the community as far as community service projects and to show others how you want to benefit your community and to lead others into following you,” Mitchell added.

“I have learned to be a better leader and to go out and do more community service project.  I would tell them to join BPA and any other club that they are thinking about because you can learn so much from joining this and you learn to be a better leader in your community and just in your class or just as a person. So I would tell them to join definitely,” said Davidson.

“Just be different. Just to if you want to be a leader come join. It will teach you a bunch about leadership and competing. Just the relationships it builds like with one of my closest friend is the president with me being the vice president. I really enjoy that,” said Sanchez.

Howe BPA has allowed students to build relationships in their school and community