Business of the Future

Jeffery Shipman

Jeffery Shipman, Reporter

Mrs. Cindy Mitchell has taught at Howe High Schools for nine years.

“I have the best job a Howe Schools teaching business everyone likes to come in here and learn about business I hope, and we have a good time with. I became a business teacher because I was an accountant in Tulsa, and I needed to find a job to do in this area and still spend a lot more time with my children so I decided to become a teacher.” Mrs. Mitchell said.

Sophomore Kaleb Brown explains how accounting will help him in the future.

“Accounting and entering numbers into a journal entry will help me with the stock market and bookkeeping.” Brown said.

Mrs. Mitchell also teaches Fundamentals of Tech. Junior student Joseph Bacon explains how this class will help him in the future.

“Right now in Fundamentals we are learning spreadsheets and to me they are pretty easy, and I really like that class right now. Well right now I’m looking into Computer Science like data research and or if data research doesn’t work out, I want to go into maybe business you know like be an assistant or something like that you know something that is involved with technology because it is something I’m good at,” Bacon said. “My favorite part in Fundamentals is all the stuff you can learn about the computer and what you can do and how much easier it can make your life like in the future like you know technology is going to takeover so I mean it is nice to know more about the technology that you might be working with in the future.”

Mrs. Mitchell’s students are learning high tech skills that will help them in the future.