Computer Programmers of the Future

Jacob Green

Jacob Green, Reporter

“The Computer Science class that I’m teaching here at Howe is a Computer Science Discovery course, and it covers all aspects of the computer and how the computer works, input, output, processing, but it also allows students to learn a programming language. We learn HTML and JavaScript. I personally chose to teach a Computer Science course here at our school because I really think Computer Science is a course that should be in every school,” said Tammy Parks, Computer Science Teacher. “I think Computer Science is a class that should be required for every student to graduate, it’s that important for students to learn Computer Science and possibly understand the inner workings of a computer and programming languages.  Some states have adopted Computer Science as a mandatory course and Oklahoma is taking the steps needed in the right direction by writing Computer Science Standards.  I hope the next thing we will see in Oklahoma is a requirement for every school to offer Computer Science courses and curriculum for all grade levels.”

“We learn about how to code things like HTML and JavaScript. JavaScript is what they generally use for games and HTML is what they use for websites. I like that we can experiment with everything like the whole coding thing there’s a whole freestyle thing at the end of each level,” 8th grade student, Raegan Kardokus said.

“At the beginning of the year we learned how to make websites, and now we’re learning how to code different animations and games,” HS Student, Olivia Woodral said.

Mrs. Parks was recently selected to the’s Facilitator Development Program for CS Discoveries in Oklahoma.  She also started a Girls Who Code Club that launched earlier this semester for girls in 7th-12th grades.  Currently there are nineteen students enrolled in the club that meets on a weekly basis.  The students will be creating several Computer Science Impact Projects over the next several weeks the will incorporate coding, 3D design, and circuitry.  For more information on the Computer Science course offered at Howe Public Schools and the Girls Who Code club contact Mrs. Parks at [email protected]