Mane Attraction Profile: Q and A with Senior Nicholas Ford

Born To Be a Leader

How many organizations are you in:.
 I am in FCS, NHS, STUCO, Academic Team, Choir (Mane Attraction), Class Government, Varsity Track.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all your responsibilities? Give a specific example?
Yes. Last year I was designing stage set, being in a musical, speaking at FCS, and planning prom.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities?
I find ways to relax using church, music, or surrounding myself with people I love.

Who does help you carry on with your responsibilities?
Other members of organizations, my friends, and my family.

Who is an important figure in your life that you see like a model, someone to look at?
Jesus and my parents: Carol Ann and Lance Ford

How do you help others improve themselves?
 I gently push other people, and reward them. This helps them achieve things that they never thought they would do.

Would you like to consider a job that involves leadership in the future? Like what?
Yes. I like to teach. I also enjoy being in control over other people.

What separates you from the rest of your Mane Attraction group?
I have been in the Mane Attraction for three years now. I have been designing set and productions with assistance for those three years. I am the leader of many organizations, and I am devoted to Christ.