Hanna Wihlborg’s Passion for Theater

How Hanna Makes her Dreams Come True!

Matilde Trevisi, Reporter

Hanna Wihlborg is an exchange student from Sweden, she is a senior at Howe High School, in Howe, OK, and she’s a member of Mane Attraction (the school’s Show Choir).

If you’re looking for an adjective to describe Hanna it is creative!

Hanna’s biggest passion is acting. Videos of when she was little prove how she has always loved being under the spotlight, acting silly to draw attention to herself.

She realized that she could transform her passion to a job when she was 13 and it’s at that time that she joined acting classes in Sweden falling in love with that artistic world. Theater for Hanna is also a way to study peoples’ minds. She is a huge fan of psychology and acting gives her the possibility to change completely and to become a different person, putting herself  in someone else’s shoes is the best way to understand others.

When first experienced theatre, she liked it just because it was fun and because she loves make people laugh but going on and learning how to act she understood the beauty of the art. 

“ I am a very emotional person, and I think emotions in general are beautiful. So acting out different emotions and feelings are very cool, it becomes a very cool, beautiful creation.”

Talking about emotions, the day of the premier is for Hanna a feast of them. Before she goes on stage she always feels nervous but of course excited, she knows that if she’s sure of what she’s doing and she knows her lines, everything goes fine. 

“The best is when all the actors nail the scene and the whole audience is like jaw dropping.”

In Sweden, Hanna attends a theater school. When she was in the 9th grade she had to choose from different types of high schools, she could have choose everything from economics, science, performing arts and social science etc. She chose the performing arts school, she applied with her grades and she passed the audition with success.

“The school that I am going to right now is my dream school. I never thought I would get in to that school, because it is probably around 150 people auditioning and they only take 17 students. So when I got the message that I was accepted I couldn’t believe it.”

One person who Hanna really looks up to is Alicia Vikander. She is a swedish actress that has won an oscar and for Hanna it’s a big example. A big Hanna fan is her best friend Lina, her and Hanna go to the same school and Lina is always pushing Hanna and telling har that whatever her goal is, she can do it.

Talking about her future, Hanna is not sure of what she wants to do. She loves acting but at the same time she really would like to dedicate her life to interior design. 

“ I am not sure if acting is what I am going to do in the future, but I do know that it is always going to be in my heart and I will always enjoy it so much.”