Mane Attraction Profile: Q and A with Jayce Jump

A simple QnA with Jayce

Jaylee Woodral, Reporter

Q1:What separates you from the rest of your Mane Attraction group?
I’m a lot different from everyone else cause I’m not into bright colors like a lot of people in there. I wear black, or really dark blue, gray and other dark colors.

Q2: In what way(s) are you different from your friends?
Just being dumber than them, I say what I think.

Q3: What’s the greatest accomplishment in your life so far?
I haven’t accomplished much, but I guess it would be being on crutches.

Q4: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
Well, it’s a long story, but sticking up for my family.

Q5: What is your favorite thing about Mane Attraction?
Just because I can get along with everyone in Mane Attraction.

Q6: What do you do for fun outside of Mane Attraction?
I listen to music and play video games and skate.