High School Intern Program Feature – Cheyenne Gibson

Delaney Permenter, Reporter

“Cheyenne has demonstrated much initiative while helping Mrs. Mitchell’s students in the technology class. Your desire to see students succeed is greatly demonstrated,” Cindy Mitchell, Howe Business Instructor.

Q; Who do you intern for? What is your schedule?

A; I intern for Mrs. Mitchell. Instead of having a class 6th hour, I just intern for her.

Q; Did you choose your placement? Why or why not?

A; I kinda did but Mrs. Mitchell suggested it.

Q; In what ways has your internship had a positive impact on you as a student?

A; It has helped me with my anxiety and has helped me get along better with other people.

Q; What kind of work do you do at your internship?

A; I file papers, help other students close to my age, etc.

Q; How has the internship has prepared you for life after high school?

A; It has helped me learn how to deal with/handle other people.

Q; What have you learned from your internship?

A; To be patient, kind, helpful, and lots more.

Q; What advice would you give other students about the internship, that are thinking about internship?

A; I would tell them to go ahead and try it because they could learn a lot from it.