High School Intern Program Feature – Jeffery Shipman

Delaney Permenter, Reporter

Jeffery Shipman, a 11th grader at Howe High School, is an intern for Amy Donathan at Howe High School. He interns the 2nd hour of every day during the week. ” Jeffery has benefited my by saving me a lot of time, and sometimes cleans my room for me,” Amy Donathan said. “Jeffery has been helping Mrs. Donathan and completing tasks which allows her more time for to complete lessons. Thanks for the commitment,” Cindy Mitchell, Howe Business Instructor.

Q; Who do you intern for? What is your schedule?

A; Mrs. Donathan i only work for second hour.

Q; Did you choose your placement? Why or why not?

A; [ Yes]

Q; In what ways has your internship had a positive impact on you as a student?

A; It allows me to work with other people.

Q; What kind of work do you do at your internship?

A; I mainly clean and run papers and books to other teachers and staff.

Q; How has the internship has prepared you for life after high school?

A; It lets me talk to other people i usually don’t see in my everyday schedule.

Q; What advice would you give other students about the internship, that are thinking about internship?

A; I would say to get your walking shoes.

Q; What have you learned from your internship?

A; I learned how to work a copier and how to answer and transfer phone calls.

Q; What has been the most challenging part of being an intern?

A; Doing my journal entries because I forget them until the last day of the week.