High School Intern Program Feature – Jade McCoy

Delaney Permenter, Reporter

“Jade has been a great asset to the elementary office this semester. Thank you for your contributions,” Cindy Mitchell, Howe Business Instructor.

Q; Who do you intern for? What is your schedule?

A; First hour I intern in the Elementary Office and third hour I intern in the Middle School.

Q; Did you choose your placement? Why or why not?

A; I was very encouraged to intern where I intern.

Q; In what ways has your internship had a positive impact on you as a student?

A; I know now that I would like to teach younger kids and not middle school.

Q; What kind of work do you do at your internship?

A; I answer phones. I make copies. I grade papers.

Q; How has the internship has prepared you for life after high school?

A; Well I’m going to be a teacher so it has show me how a teacher works behind the scene.

Q; What advice would you give other students about the internship, that are thinking about internship?

A; It is a lot of work.

Q; What have you learned from your internship?

A; There is a lot of work being a teacher.

Q; What has been the most challenging part of being an intern?

A; The journals.