Hi, my name is Jaylee Woodral. I am 14, and a freshman at Howe High School. I am involved in a singing class and I guess that counts as a club. 

  • My own personal theme song: Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.

  • Hopes & Dreams for the Future: To move into an old victorian house in the woods and become the creepy forest lady.

  • Hobbies: I like to draw and I’ve been wanting to get back into sculpting.

  • Person living or dead that I would like to interview and why:  My friends, Malayna and Emilee. They’re literally my only friends so I think we’d just end up having a blast.

  • Favorite Junk Food:  Dr.Pepper.

  • Favorite Quote: “I don’t think dogs are right-handed or left-handed, I think they’re just dogs.”- Some random construction worker that someone overheard.

  • My dream vacation: I’d like to go back to this little place called the Blue Fern or something like that. You get to stay in a old smokehouse that’s been turned into a little house.

Jaylee Woodral, Reporter, Graphic Editor

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Jaylee Woodral