Saidee Lambert, Reporter, Producer

Hi, my name is Saidee Lambert. I am 15, and a 10th grader at Howe High School. I am involved in YAB and choir.

My favorite person and the person who inspires me to be better would have to be my little sister, Mailee Lambert.

My favorite genre of music would be pop music, and my favorite artist is Alec Benjamin.

My favorite food genre is oriental food, but my favorite dish would probably be my grandma's goulash.

My favorite movie is probably Sing, or Zootopia, honestly.

My favorite book is The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, but The Tale of Despereaux is the closest of close seconds.

I don't watch sports, so I don't have a favorite sports team.

My favorite vacation... Honestly, I'm happy right where I am.

If I could interview anyone, it would have to be someone with an extravagant mind. I know that's broad, but I have wayyyyy too many people I'd want to interview, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, or weirdly enough, Norman Bates.

I plan to go to college for game development. After that, I think I'll probably just rest on cruise control.

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Saidee Lambert